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Dark Koi 3 Dimensional Soap Bar

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You definitely won't find this anywhere else! 100% all natural and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. Not only is this soap gorgeous, it's healthy and all natural. Each one is made to order at the time of purchase, ensuring freshness, and quality.  This is a nice large block soap featuring a beautiful Koi fish. The Koi fish symbolizes good luck, abundance and perseverance. 

This soap is scented with a fresh and clean unisex blend of all natural essential oils.

Newly released, and we're pretty proud of it! Order yours today. Makes an excellent gift for yourself or someone else.

*Please note, colors may slightly vary in person, because:

A) Each bar is made at the time it is ordered

B) It is hand painted by an Artisan, and colors are kept as consistent as possible.

C) Colors on your computer screen may appear slightly different then in person.